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发布时间:2018-11-01 14:27
The world's soft top trend looks at Shenzhen, China's soft show. From August 7 to 9, Shenzhen International Home Software Fair, Shenzhen International Creative Home Fair, Shenzhen China Creative Design Week, was held at Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center. This is a global trend of indoor, decorative, furniture and design. The exhibition hall is open to the public with an area of 130,000 feet, more than 1,000 top brands, more than 30 heavyweight events, and more than 120,000 cross-border buyers from home and abroad.
Shenzhen International Home Softwear Exposition is sponsored by the National Chamber of Commerce and Textile Industry of the Federation of Industry and Commerce, Guangdong Home Textile Industry Association, Shenzhen Boao Exhibition Co., Ltd. and Tasus Group, UK. Founded in Foshan in 1997, moved to Shenzhen in 2007, and jointly invested with Tasus Group in 2017. The two annual exhibitions are held in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center in March and August respectively. After 21 years of development, the annual exhibition area of Shenzhen International Home Textile Fair has exceeded 230,000 square meters, over 2000 exhibitors, professional buyers and cross-border audience more than 200,000 people. The exhibition covers all matching themes of "big house": home textile, window decoration, sun shading, wallpaper wallpaper, household decorations, custom furniture, whole soft fitting, etc. Sexual hard power enjoys a high reputation in the industry.
Strong high-end brand enters
During the Soft Expo, the No. 1 Pavilion, such as Maydens, Bujia Buno, Bu Feifei, Chunfeng, Fancy New Year, Jiameijia, Danze, Jinhua, Qianbaiyi, Xinhua Long, Red Mill, Curtain Creator, Isalai, City Leader, Yibu Shed, Natural Color, Zhida Home, and other brands of cloth have all made a grand appearance. No. 2 overall soft-fitting hall, Jinhui, Bullock, Novartis, Qianbaiyi, model, Maybe, Hieron and many other brands gathered together. George Home, Bellock, Matsumoto Kingdom, Huayi Home, Beautiful Home, Jesse Intelligence, Yamena, George Home, Modern Champs Elysees, Architecture, Cai You Ling Hao Art Research Institute, Le Mei, Longsheng and other overall home brands lead the overall trend of soft wear in everybody's home. Pavilion 4 Health Furniture, Canna, Wood Technology, Zhide, Fanyi Home, Romantic, Zhengyuan Xing, Jinhui, Meik Huafei and other brands are also unveiled at the first creative home exhibition.
No. 5 Gold Rush Fabric Art Museum, Rosa, Hengrui, Hawaii, Zhuo Erbufan, Taotao, Rico, Ophiman, Cocoa Point, Hehui, Cabu Wanhao and other brands compete. No.6 Fabric Art/Shade Hall brings together Lancho Santa Fe, Golden Cicada, Zhenqi, Yongde, Guansheng Trading, Jiu Mu, Golden Year, Songyang, Curtain and other brands. The No. 7 Window Accessories Museum attracts many famous brands such as Bopin, Bomeida, Qilong, Xinghao, Jade Van Jue Card, Xingxing, Chengzhino, Vimeida, Yituo and Yisheng. There are 8 smart home, Zhongjiao, Fenghua, Bokai, Chuangming, Yuntai, Huasheng, Yuyi, Bofu and other brand strength can not be underestimated. No. 9 boutique cloth art museum, Yuanzhicheng, Xirui, Mocha, Bucci, curtain racket, Milan wallpaper, cloth Yancheng, delicate cloth, Shuibingfang password and other brand display astonishing strength, people linger back and forth. With innovative concepts and innovative exhibition modes, the exhibition hall has jointly cooked the feast of soft decoration and home furnishing.
Innovating creativity and leading industry reform
Under the background of overcapacity and homogenization of products, the competition of home market is becoming increasingly fierce. Is IT industrial transformation or deep excavation of channel construction? Shenzhen International Home Software Exposition Station gives the answer at the height of the industry.
Internally, it is the innovation and transformation of home enterprises themselves. Good creativity and design can not only enhance the functional quality of products, enhance market competitiveness and added value, but also create new market demand. The first Shenzhen International Creative Home Fair, named after Creativity, elevated creativity to the strategic position of the exhibition. George Home, Bellock, Huayi Home, Beautiful Home, Modern Champs-Elysees, Quantou, Ingrid and other creative home brands gathered at the first creative home exhibition, a whole case of integration into a large family, demonstrating and leading the future home industry.
In addition, the Soft Expo is committed to innovation, the establishment of China's Home Industry Innovation Distributor Alliance, for the confused home enterprises to provide new ideas, new models, new business opportunities. As China's household industry enters a new era, design-driven, soft-package marketing, and assembly linkage have gradually become the terminal retail channels, especially high-end product brand "standard" action. China Home Industry Innovation Distributor Alliance integrates domestic and foreign design resources, gathers all kinds of resources, such as overall home, customized home, home life, smart home, high-quality building materials, lamps and lanterns lighting, etc. Future exhibitors can quickly realize platform, talent, resources, information, organization in the alliance of efficient mutual matching, to achieve their own. The multiplier formula, which doubles ability, occupies a favorable competitive position in the market.
This is a powerful move in line with the changes in the home era, each exhibitor at this exhibition links to hundreds of different types of high-quality resources, reached hundreds of intent cooperation. This is also an important reason why Shenzhen International Home Software Fair, the first Shenzhen International Creative Home Fair, has established a high reputation in the industry.
Design driven large home industry chain

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